¿Looking for start-ups to invest in Spain?

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First of all I have done a mind map to think well about the most suitable filters.
The website where I found the information are the following:


Web 1 | Web 2


Web 3


Web 4 | Web 5  | Web 6 | Web 7

To choose the right filters, I decided to do Card sorting to a user with knowledge of startups and business point of view to generate a folksonomy.

It is necessary to do this exercise many times with our real users, we could consider the filter system the most important part, that is why I decide to do this exercise at the beginning.

Does the user understand these filters?

Card Sorting

Business Organization
Startup Stage


How does our users move on the screen? What are the most important parts? What can we do to increase the value of our product?

-All the information on the same screen.

-Filtering system in the main screen from the beginning (with the option to hide it).

-Give the choice to save / select the favorite estartups to then be able to see on the map only those that interest us.

-Generate a route (taking in acound timetable and distance) and be able to download it.


-Show how to get there on foot, by public transport or by car.

-Add metro stations and bus lines on the map directly to help the user.

-Have a search engine always in the main page in case the user wants to find a specific startup.



I chose the colors from pictures.

-I asked two people about what color they have in their minds when I say words like:
Google maps
The answer was blue and grey in both cases, that is why I began with those colors.


Insights | Conclusions

· The first step was the organization and the decision which exercises were more important to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time. (For this I used Trello).

· The example that you just saw, has already focused on the area of Madrid to start the user journey.

· In the final user test, the results are positive and the operation is understood, but the filters’s content aren’t well understood because is more technical information. We have to test ir with the especific user persona.

· The map is the main part, although there are more components that can be easily hidden and also so important (Filters and startup’s information card).