Elvira Prieto Martín

I am a maker, very persistent and I always do every single thing with illusion and passion.
Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

My beginnings were studying advertising and public relations, but I quickly opted for graphic and web design to carry my own projects out.

I am currently focused on user design, I love to visualize an experience in the abstract, dive into customer research and data.

Through consideration of market research, business requirements, customer feedback, and usability study findings, I create diagrams, wireframes, detailed visual mockups and interactive prototypes to show the right interaction behaviors.

I love working into a team to design the information architecture, interface, and interaction flow of the project. I am looking for a collaborative UX team, partnering closely with product management to define use cases and requirements, and working directly with developers on implementation of designs.

I have experience with a variety of design tools including Sketch, Adobe suite, and Invision. I have knowledge on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and I understand a little bit JavaScript and PHP.

Fluent in English and able to work in a startup environment.

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